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Indian apocalyptic horror 'The Underbug' World Premiere at this year's Slamdance Film Festival

The upcoming SLAMDANCE FILM FESTIVAL is set to take place in Park City Jan 20th through 26th, 2023. One of the films we are keeping an eye out for is the horror film from Shujaat Saudagar THE UNDERBUG. This paranoia filled thriller will make it's world premiere at the event. We have all the full details on the film and hope to get a chance to review it for you all soon. Look for more details in the upcoming days!

“The Underbug” (World Premiere)

Slamdance Breakout Selection Feature Film

As India is ravaged by sectarian violence on the eve of its Independence Day, two rioters take refuge in an abandoned house. An eerie presence in the house, however, haunts the men to the edge of sanity.

While nations came to a standstill during the pandemic, another more familiar kind of virus - xenophobia and sectarian violence - raged in India. Against that backdrop, “The Underbug” is a psychological horror that explores the psyche of people who live on the fringe of society. The film focuses on two men, who have stumbled on a deserted house where deadly trauma has clearly taken place, but what happened, who or what was responsible and are they next, are now the questions they need to solve in order to survive. A cinematic sibling to the style of Romero, filmmaker Shujaat Saudagar explores radical allegories reflecting relevant cultural and sociopolitical trends in the paranoid, fearful world of his characters. “The Underbug” delivers what great horror cinema does best: sparking conversation and debate, and offering insight on socio-politics in our current world, while keeping us on the edge of our seats with impending dread.

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