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Irish crime thriller The Black Guelph heads to US theaters March 22nd

Josh Connors' Gripping Thriller "The Black Guelph" Hits Theatres on March 22nd

Get ready for an intense cinematic experience as the compelling Irish thriller, "The Black Guelph," directed and written by Josh Connors, arrives in theaters on March 22nd. After making waves on the festival circuit for the past two years, this crime thriller promises a limited run that you won't want to miss.

Following the story of Canto, a small-time drug dealer yearning to break free from his life of crime, "The Black Guelph" takes audiences on a tumultuous journey of redemption. However, Canto's aspirations are complicated when an unexpected reunion with his estranged father pulls him back into the gritty underworld he longs to escape.

The film delves into the corrupt chaos of Canto's life, presenting a powerful critique of power dynamics and societal corruption. Graham Earley's portrayal of Canto has earned acclaim worldwide, securing him the prestigious Seymour Cassel Award for Outstanding Performance.

Directed and written by Josh Connors, with Tiernan Williams handling writing, editing, and production, alongside Maria O'Neill as producer and Kevin Glynn and Dylan Stagno as executive producers, "The Black Guelph" promises a riveting narrative and poignant performances.

Don't miss the chance to witness the enduring relevance of cinema in confronting pressing societal issues. Check out the trailer, and stay tuned for our review as we anticipate the release of "The Black Guelph" on March 22nd.


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