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Jurassic Triangle - prehysteria begins Feb 13

🌴🦖 Brace yourselves for a laughter-inducing rollercoaster in Director Victor de Almeida's latest masterpiece! Picture this: a group of unsuspecting work colleagues, tossed onto an uncharted island after a wild storm over the Atlantic. Forget sandy beaches and coconut drinks – they stumble upon a prehistoric paradise that Google Maps refuses to acknowledge, complete with dinosaurs and other critters on the prowl.

Starring the fearless Darrell Griggs, Sian Altman, Dorothea Jones, Rob Kirtley, Toby Redpath, Connor Powles, Chrissie Wunna, and the incomparable Andre Pierre, this quirky survival comedy, distributed by Uncork'd Entertainment, promises a hilarious twist on team-building. Will they conquer the island's challenges, or will they become the latest item on the T-Rex's lunch menu? Buckle up for "Island of the Lost Cubicles: Jurassic Workspace" – where deadlines and dinosaurs collide for a workplace comedy unlike anything you've ever seen! 🦕🍿 #OfficeGoneDino #SurvivalLaughs

Distributed by Uncork'd Entertainment.


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