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Linnea Quigley's "Scream Queen" heads to blu ray for the first time from Visual Vengeance

In the realm of indie cult films, Brad Sykes's "Scream Queen" has long been considered a hidden gem, almost lost to time. Now, thanks to Visual Vengeance, this 2002 shot-on-video slasher is getting a well-deserved update and a Blu-ray release, marking a significant milestone for genre enthusiasts.

Notably, this project stars the iconic Linnea Quigley, making it a must-watch for fans of the horror genre. The narrative revolves around the mysterious death of a horror starlet, with the killer subsequently targeting the remaining cast members in a gripping tale of suspense.

Filmed in 2002, "Scream Queen" captures the essence of the era's indie horror scene, offering a unique and nostalgic viewing experience. Visual Vengeance's decision to release the film on Blu-ray ensures that this cult classic will be preserved in high-quality for both longtime fans and new audiences to enjoy.

The updated and restored version of "Scream Queen" is set to hit shelves on November 28th, providing a perfect opportunity for horror aficionados to add this indie gem to their collection. Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of horror history as "Scream Queen" makes its triumphant return!

Visual Vengeance, a Blu-ray label dedicated to vintage ‘Shot on Video’ and microbudget genre independents from the 1980s though 2000s, reveals its next Blu-ray collector’s edition release for November 2023:

The lost Linnea Quigley movie SCREAM QUEEN (2002)

Considered a 'lost' Linnea Quigley movie, Scream Queen now enjoys it first ever wide release on home video.

Horror star Malicia Tombs (Linnea Quigley) mysteriously dies after leaving the set of her latest, now unfinished, low budget Shot-on-video shocker. Soon, an unseen masked killer is chopping and hacking his/ her way through the cast and crew as punishment for Tomb's death - leaving a bloody trail of revenge.

This super obscurity was shot in 1998 by indie horror stalwart Brad Sykes, and finally finished in 2002. Considered a 'lost' Linnea Quigley movie, Scream Queen is not only a solid 1990s Shot-on-Video slasher that borrows from the Italian Giallo sub-genre, but also takes swift jabs at the US independent horror movie scene of the time.

Blu-ray Street Date: November 28, 2023

Info and Select Bonus Features:

  • All region Blu-ray

  • New director-approved 480p SD master presented on Blu-ray from original tape elements

  • Commentary with Writer / Director Brad Sykes

  • Once Upon A Time In Horrorwood: Behind the Scenes Documentary

  • Second Feature: Original Producer’s Cut of Movie

  • New Linnea Quigley Interview

  • Editor Mark Polonia Interview

  • Behind The Scenes Image Gallery

  • Linnea Quigley Image Gallery

  • Original Script Selects

  • Original Trailer

  • Visual Vengeance Trailers

  • Six-page liner notes by Tony Strauss of Weng's Chop Magazine

  • Limited Edition slipcase by Rick Melton - FIRST PRESSING ONLY

  • Limited Edition 'Series 2' Video Store Rental Card - FIRST PRESSING ONLY

  • Collectible Linnea Quigley folded mini-poster

  • ‘Stick your own’ VHS sticker set

  • Reversible sleeve featuring original home video art

  • Optional English subtitles


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