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"Longlegs" gets 'Sweet' with new creepy teaser

The serial killer? flick "Longlegs" gets another creepy ass trailer dropped on us today with "Sweet" Part one is the mesmerizing looking one sheet while part two introduces a look at the background of one of the women in the film and she asks "Do you always say your prayers" That's followed by the usual 2-3 second clips of blood wrenching intensity that we are all eagerly anticipating from the Oz Perkins film. There is also a cryptic application of questions that alludes to this characters being one of the detectives on the case. If so that means not only the killer has a dark side in this film which bodes well for us all. Look for more updates on Longlegs soon and enjoy the sweet teaser.

Longlegs in theaters July 12th courtesy of Neon.

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