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Maxxxine - movie review

When Ti West first introduced us to the world of *X*, it was a breath of fresh air for slasher fans, delivering a nostalgic yet thrilling ride. Mia Goth's captivating performance only added to the film's charm, setting the stage for what promised to be a memorable trilogy. With *Pearl*, the prequel, we delved deeper into the origins, and now with the final installment, *Maxxxine*, we bid farewell to this blood-soaked saga. However, while the trilogy had a promising start, it seems it's time to move on.

Ti West's love for the nostalgic is evident throughout the trilogy, and Maxxxine is no exception. The film is drenched in retro aesthetics, and every frame oozes with West's signature style. Mia Goth, once again, proves she's a bona fide star, bringing a magnetic presence to the screen. However, the faults lie in the writing and narrative, which fail to evolve beyond their initial premise.

The inclusion of actors like Kevin Bacon and Giancarlo Esposito added a layer of gravitas to Maxxxine. Their performances were commendable and brought depth to the film. Yet, despite this stellar cast, the story faltered. Goth's character, with her knack for getting away with murder, felt repetitive and predictable. There was an expectation for more substantial development, but the film didn't quite deliver.

Maxxxine brings the X trilogy to a close, but it doesn't leave a lasting impact. The narrative seems to run out of steam, and there's a sense that the franchise doesn't want to extend beyond these three films. It's a fitting end but lacks the punch that could have elevated it to a classic status.

While Maxxxine is a visual treat and showcases the talents of its cast, it ultimately falls short in its storytelling. The trilogy, which started strong with X, fizzled out by the final installment. It's a decent watch for fans of the genre, but it's clear that the franchise has run its course.



Mia Goth, Elizabeth Debicki, Moses Sumney, Michelle Monaghan, Bobby Cannavale, Halsey, Lily Collins, with Giancarlo Esposito, and Kevin Bacon

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