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Reluctant to let the horrors end once Halloween is over, the team behind Grimmfest, Manchester's International Festival of Fantastic Film, is delighted to announce MONSTERS AND MOVIES, taking place at the Odeon Great Northern in Manchester, UK, on November 19th – 20th.

Presented as part of IN DREAMS ARE MONSTERS, a major nationwide film season from the BFI, supported by National Lottery and BFI Film Audience Network, Grimmfest are honoured to present a weekend of screenings and in-depth talks and discussions with the creative talents behind some of the most significant and iconic monster movies of recent years.

Grimmfest is thrilled to present this monster line up:



  • THE THING (4K remastered. Chosen by Reece Shearsmith),

  • THE DESCENT (Directed by Neil Marshall)

  • THE LAIR (Directed by Neil Marshall. Premiere screening)

  • SHE WILL (Directed by Charlotte Colbert. Starring Alice Krige)

  • WOLF MANOR (Premiere screening. Directed by Dominic Brunt, makeup effects by Shaune Harrison. Epilogue by Ashley Thorpe)

  • THE HALLOW (Directed by Corin Hardy)

  • SLEEPWALKERS (30th Anniversary. Directed by Mick Garris. Starring Alice Krige)

Guest speakers attending:

  • REECE SHEARSMITH (Inside No.9, The League of gentlemen),

  • MICK GARRIS (Director/producer/writer; Stephen King's The Stand, Masters of Horror),

  • ALICE KRIGE (Actress in Startrek: First Contact, Ghost story),

  • NEIL MARSHALL (Director of Dog Soldiers, Hellboy, Game of Thrones)

  • RAMSEY CAMPBELL (Author of The Wise Friend, Fellstones and the Three Births of Daoloth trilogy)

  • CORIN HARDY (Director of The Nun and Gangs of London)

  • CHARLOTTE KIRK (Actress in The Reckoning, The Lair)

  • DOMINIC BRUNT (Actor in Emmerdale, Director of Before Dawn, Bait)

  • SHAUNE HARRISON special makeup effects on Harry Potter, World War Z, etc)

  • CHARLOTTE COLBERT (Director of She Will)

  • ASHLEY THORPE (Director of Borley Rectory and VFX wizard)

As one of the creators, writers and stars of INSIDE NO 9, PSYCHOVILLE and THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN, REECE SHEARSMITH needs no introduction to horror and comedy fans alike. Reece will be hosting a screening of one of his favourite films, John Carpenter's THE THING, with a specially-recorded introduction by Carpenter himself, and will be discussing his career and monster movie influences with MICK GARRIS for Mick’s world-renowned POST MORTEM podcast.

Prolific US director, writer and producer GARRIS (Masters of Horror TV series, Stephen King’s THE STAND) will also be talking separately about his own extensive career in the horror genre, which has seen him work with everyone from Stephen King to Clive Barker and just about every seminal horror director of the late 20th century and will be joined by actress ALICE KRIGE to present a 30th anniversary screening of SLEEPWALKERS.

ALICE will also be joined by director CHARLOTTE COLBERT for a special screening of their critically acclaimed witch movie, SHE WILL, and a discussion of the representation of women and witches in genre cinema.

NEIL MARSHALL (DOG SOLDIERS, GAME OF THRONES, HELLBOY) will be introducing a special screening of his seminal creature-feature THE DESCENT and discussing the films’ production. He will also be presenting a premiere screening of his brand-new action/monster movie THE LAIR, alongside the film's star, CHARLOTTE KIRK, and the pair will talk about female protagonists in horror and action movies.

Director CORIN HARDY (THE NUN, GANGS OF LONDON) will be talking about how he reimagined ‘fairy mythology’, combining folklore with grounded biology to create a new monster in his movie THE HALLOW. Corin will also be presenting a special screening of the film and sharing some of his never-seen-before concept and creature design work from both THE HALLOW and THE NUN.

Actor and director DOMINIC BRUNT (Paddy in ITV’s EMMERDALE, BEFORE DAWN, ATTACK OF THE ADULT BABIES), SFX makeup guru SHAUNE HARRISON (HARRY POTTER, WORLD WAR Z) and film maker and digital VFX wizard ASHLEY THORPE (BORLEY RECTORY) will discuss the creation and visualisation of monsters on film and will present the Greater Manchester premiere of their mischievously meta-textual new werewolf horror-comedy, WOLF MANOR.

Sticking with the lycanthropy theme, there will also be a special screening of John Landis’s seminal werewolf movie AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, to be followed by a special round table discussion featuring MICK GARRIS, REECE SHEARSMITH, NEIL MARSHALL and CORIN HARDY, and chaired by legendary horror author RAMSEY CAMPBELL, about the film's ongoing influence on contemporary cinema and the ways in which the horror genre relates to and reflects upon the world around it.

The event will be presented in association with the Manchester centre for Gothic Studies.

IN DREAMS ARE MONSTERS, a major horror season from BFI is screens in cinemas and venues across the UK until 31 December 2022, exploring how horror has always been the genre of our times and the ways in which it speaks to us today. For further information: and for full UK-wide listings

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