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Mondo Records and Death Waltz Recording Co. Celebrate 10 Years of Music

This September, Mondo Records and Death Waltz Recording Co. are turning 10 and celebrating this milestone anniversary with a massive 10-week celebration new music releases, huge online giveaways, celebrity appearances, retrospectives, a look into the archives, in-person events, and much more.

It all began in 2010 and 2011 for Mondo and Death Waltz Recording Co. respectively. Mondo’s first release of William Lustig’s grindhouse abomination MANIAC kick-started an era of collecting soundtracks on vinyl that has seen must-own releases for everything from TWIN PEAKS to the music of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Mondo and Death Watlz’s devotion to the music of cinema and video games is matched only by their passion for creating works of art through design and innovative packaging, including a burlap sack for LOOPER, a bat-shaped disc for BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, and a slipcase that reveals true messages for THEY LIVE.

“Ten years is a very long time. We never thought our “jobs'' making records would last this long. In that time, we have amassed an incredible catalog of vinyl with some of the greatest composers of all time, creating new artwork with a roster of incredibly talented artists for some of the most iconic & beloved films ever made. We get to work with everyone from the most prominent major film and gaming studios to independents just starting out. We work with the most passionate and inspiring people anyone could ask for, but more importantly,

we have found an incredible, supportive community of like-minded people that we are honoured to be a part of. As two fans of film, film music and vinyl we honestly couldn’t think of a better way to spend our working days. And if you think the first ten years have been fun, just wait! We feel like we are just getting started,” says Mondo and Death Waltz Recording Co. label managers Mo Shafeek and Spencer Hickman.

FULL METAL JACKET - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Music by Abigail Mead & featuring songs from Nancy Sinatra, The Trashmen, The Dixie Cups and more

Artwork by Alan Hynes

Pressed on 140 Gram 'Mother Green and Her Killing Machine' Camo vinyl


In addition to the regular and Mondo disc editions, 30 limited edition discs were hand-poured by the wizards at Wax Mage Records, and this edition comes with a 2-pack of army men and flags as featured on the record package, with it’s own bag and header card signed and numbered by artist Alan Hynes. 25 copies are for the Kubrick Estate and various people that worked on the release,and the remaining 5 copies of this ultra-rare collector’s item will be given away via a contest on Mondo’s social media channels as part of the 10th anniversary celebration

The music labels are excited to kick off the 10-week celebration on September 8 with an epic vinyl release for Stanley Kubrick’s unforgettable 1987 war drama FULL METAL JACKET, with package design by Alan Hynes. The soundtrack is an even split of memorable needle drops from artists such as The Dixie Cups, Nancy Sinatra & The Trashmen and an intense, moody score by Abigail Mead (actually Kubrick's daughter Vivian under her preferred composer credit). Mead's work delivers huge haunting swathes of metallic drones and atmosphere, giving way to punishing rhythmic drums that sound like explosions, helicopters, and warfare. It's a remarkable piece of music that sounds years ahead of its time.

FULL METAL JACKET - Wax Mage Hand Pour Edition

Not For Sale / For Promotional Use Only

Edition of 30

The Mondo and Death Waltz 10th anniversary celebration continues each week through November 1 with new music releases, giveaways, in-person events, and more Just a few of the highlights we can mention include:


  • Pop-up store at opening night of Fantastic Fest featuring rarities from the vault * BARB AND STAR GO TO VISTA DEL MAR Movie Party screenings at Alamo Drafthouse locations around the country

  • Stanley Kubrick and HALLOWEEN vinyl prize pack giveaways

  • Virtual Happy Hour with Mondo Music Creative Directors Mo Shafeek and Spencer Hickman

Follow Mondo and the hashtag #MondoDeathWaltz10 on socials, and stay tuned every Monday through November 1 for new Mondo / Death Waltz 10th anniversary updates, announcements and giveaways.

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