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New clips and pictures from Level 33's "Don't Look Away"

Watchers cannot look away from the screen during IndustryWorks Studios’ spine-chilling supernatural horror film: ‘DON’T LOOK AWAY’, releasing in theatres across the U.S. and Canada on September 1st, 2023. Kelly Bastard dominates the screen in her breakout role as Frankie, a young woman being stalked by a dark figure as her loved ones are ruthlessly murdered one by one. The problem? No one believes what she’s seeing.

Ever since Frankie (Kelly Bastard) laid her eyes on what appears to be a killer mannequin, it shows up everywhere she goes and gruesomely slashes her friends without a trace, until they finally learn its secret... anyone who sees it embodies the fatal curse, and free from its deadly stranglehold only if you don’t look away. Supporting castmates Michael Mitton, Colm Hill, René Lai and others portray a close-knit friend group torn apart by skepticism and worry until they see the mannequin for themselves and suddenly become isolated from the outside world and band together to end the never-ending killing rampage that the mannequin is possessed with. Or at least they try.

Micheal Bafaro (‘The Barber’ starring Malcolm McDowell) and Michael Mitton are both a triple threat on this film with directing, producing, and writing credits for Bafaro and Mitton also on directing and writing, as well as costarring as Frankie’s love interest and close friend.

Level 33 Entertainment will be releasing ‘Don’t Look Away’ exclusively in theatres in the US and Canada on September 1st. The deal was brokered between Level 33 CEO Andreas Olavarria and Caterina Scrivano of IndustryWorks Studios.

“In the tradition of the best scary movies, DON’T LOOK AWAY consistently delivers chills, thrills and kills,” said Level 33 Entertainment CEO Andreas Olavarria, “and we can’t wait to share the film with audiences across North America.”

“From the get-go, I wanted to make a movie that scared the hell out of me.” Said Director, Micheal Bafaro, “‘Don’t Look Away’ is the one movie that my younger self always wanted me to make.” Bafaro stated, “Just mention the words evil mannequin to others - and watch the fear in their eyes grow...”

“It’s always fun to let your imagination run wild when making a horror film. ‘Don’t Look Away’ is an evil, terrifying game and once you figure out the rules, well, it’s most likely too late!” – Caterina Scrivano, IndustryWorks.

‘Don’t Look Away’


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