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New Trailer: "CIVIL WAR: Alex Garland's Gripping Dive into a Divided America"

In the wake of mixed reviews for his last venture, "MEN," visionary filmmaker Alex Garland returns with a compelling narrative that hits closer to home than ever before. Known for his mesmerizing foray into artificial intelligence with "EX MACHINA," Garland has now set his sights on the tumultuous landscape of contemporary America in his upcoming film, "CIVIL WAR."

Taking inspiration from the pages of the popular comic series DMZ, Garland's latest creation explores a nation torn apart by internal strife. Unlike anything we've seen from him before, "CIVIL WAR" promises to be a cinematic journey that mirrors the unsettling divisions that plague society today.

The storyline unfolds against the backdrop of a fractured America, reminiscent of the comic's portrayal of a war-ravaged Manhattan. Garland weaves a gripping narrative, where alliances are formed between states – the California Coalition and the Florida Alliance stand out prominently, each vying for supremacy in a nation on the brink of collapse.

As tensions escalate, the original U.S. military finds itself entangled in a conflict with these formidable factions. The line between patriotism and rebellion blurs, and it becomes evident that the real casualties of this war are the unsuspecting citizens caught in the crossfire.

In a society grappling with internal strife, "CIVIL WAR" captures the essence of a nation at war with itself. The film promises a thought-provoking exploration of the consequences of division, echoing the concerns and challenges faced by contemporary America.

Amidst the chaos, Garland unveils the first trailer for "CIVIL WAR," offering a glimpse into what may be one of the most anticipated films of 2024. Brace yourselves for a riveting cinematic experience that transcends the boundaries of fantasy, plunging headfirst into the stark realities of a nation divided.


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