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New Trailer & Poster "Max Beyond" Explosive Mind-Bending Animated Sci-Fi Thriller set for US release

HaZimation is set to release its animated action-thriller, Max Beyond, on US Digital Platforms starting April 23rd, offering viewers an immersive experience in the world of Max and his extraordinary abilities.

Max Beyond follows the gripping story of Max, a young captive with the power to manipulate spacetime across parallel universes. His quest to find the reality where his brother, Leon, rescues him becomes increasingly complex as each attempt ends in tragedy. The strain on both brothers intensifies, especially when Max realizes that his captors are exploiting his unique power against him. In a twist of narrative, Max must shift his focus from rewriting the story's end to rewriting the story itself.

The film boasts a talented cast, including BAFTA-award winning actor Jane Perry, Dave Fennoy of The Walking Dead fame, and Cade Tropeano. Notable motion capture performances come from Ace Ruele and Alex Kong. Directed and co-produced by Hasraf 'HaZ' Dulull, co-written by Stavros Pamballis, and co-produced by Paula Crickard, Max Beyond promises a thrilling blend of big-action sequences and emotionally charged characters.

HaZ, the writer and director, invites audiences to ponder the concept of resetting dimensions in the pursuit of saving a loved one, with Max Beyond delivering a rollercoaster of intense action and mind-bending exploration into the multi-universe.

Executive producers Yariv Lerner, Amy Gardner, and Jason Potter contribute to the film's production, while the music score by Miroshot, known for their experiential compositions, adds another layer to the cinematic journey.

Mark your calendars for April 23rd when Max Beyond becomes available for Digital Download in the US. Strap in for a unique and thrilling cinematic experience that promises to challenge perceptions and take viewers on a captivating ride through the complexities of spacetime and brotherly bonds. #MaxBeyond #HaZimation #AnimatedThriller


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