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Official trailer and images for genre blender WITH LOVE AND A MAJOR ORGAN

🎭✨ Update: "WITH LOVE AND A MAJOR ORGAN," a genre-blending dark comedy, recently concluded a successful run in London, accompanied by the release of its US trailer. Set in a society where emotions are subdued and hearts are commodified, the film follows Anabel (Anna Maguire), who defies societal norms by giving her heart to George (Hamza Haq). As the story unfolds, George's emotional awakening presents unforeseen challenges, prompting Anabel to reassess her unconventional choice. Explore this thought-provoking take on love and the human experience. 💔🎬 #MajorOrganFilm #DarkComedy #MovieUpdate

In a world where everyone's heart is an object and there's a strong societal pressure to dampen emotion, lonely Virtual Insurance broker Anabel (Anna MaguireViolation, The Hummingbird Project) always follows her heart. At odds with this overly pragmatic society, and after a series of devastating emotional blows, she rips her heart from her chest and gives it to a man she's fallen for, the strangely unfeeling George (Hamza Haq, NBC's Transplant). Unburdened by her unique yet cumbersome heart, Anabel finds life easier. George, on the other hand, begins to feel everything, to the shock of his overbearing mother, Mona. Anabel soon realizes she needs to get her heart back if she's going to survive.


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