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Panic Fest 24' "Property" - movie review

Having made its rounds in numerous film festivals, "Property," directed by Daniel Bandeira, unveils a gripping narrative centered around Tereza, portrayed by the exceptional Malu Galli. Tereza, still grappling with the aftermath of a harrowing experience, finds herself entangled in a chilling confrontation with unruly workers on her family's farm. The film delves into themes of privilege, fear, and the perilous consequences that ensue when individuals feel cornered.

Galli's portrayal of Tereza, tinged with hints of agoraphobia, lends depth to the character, delivering moments of intense emotion and vulnerability. Supported by a talented cast, "Property" emerges as a standout Portuguese thriller, offering audiences a compelling exploration of human behavior and the innate capacity for both good and evil.

While the film excels in capturing the complexities of its characters and their predicaments, there are instances where the narrative stretches the bounds of plausibility. However, these moments do not detract significantly from the overall impact of the story.

A notable aspect of "Property" lies in its portrayal of Tereza's specially armored car, a symbol of protection that inadvertently becomes a psychological trap reminiscent of thrillers like "Phone Booth." This juxtaposition of safety and confinement adds depth to the character's struggle, amplifying the tension and intrigue for viewers.

Despite missing earlier festival screenings, "Property" continues to captivate audiences as it finds its place in the festival circuit, thanks to Dark Sky's release. Particularly poignant for those grappling with PTSD, the film offers a sobering reflection on mental health amidst a world fraught with turmoil.

In conclusion, "Property" earns its place as a thought-provoking cinematic experience, blending psychological depth with thrilling narrative elements. With its exploration of human frailty and resilience, this Portuguese thriller promises to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

⭐⭐⭐ / 5

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