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Say Hi After You Die: A Port-a-Potty Existential Spectacular - Sundance '24 World Premiere of Kate Jean Hollowell's Film

🌟 Get ready to laugh your heart out with Kate Jean Hollowell's comedic genius in SAY HI AFTER YOU DIE! 🎬 Making its world premiere at Sundance '24, this short film is buzzing like a full-length genre gem. 🚽💫 Follow Gloria on a poop-filled journey as she believes her friend is now a port-a-potty. 😂 Will she connect with Ruby from beyond the grave, or is she just losing her mind? 🤔 Brace for hilarity at Sundance '24! #SayHiAfterYouDie #KateJeanHollowell #Sundance2024 🎥✨

In the thick of an intimate conversation laced with gossip and poop jokes, Ruby promises her best friend Gloria that she will visit her from beyond the grave... in the form of a port-a-potty. Which seems ridiculous until Ruby is struck and killed by a bus shortly thereafter. Gloria is despondent in her grief until a port-a-potty is dropped off at a construction site across the street from her house. Cautiously believing the port-a-potty is Ruby, Gloria begins spending time with it (or her) and is transported into a magical realm where her sadness is neatly tucked away.

Sundance Screening Times 

Screening as part of Short Film Program 4

World Premiere - January 21st, 12:15PM MST (Prospector Square Theatre)

Public Screening #2 - January 22nd, 5:30PM MST (Megaplex Theatres at The Gateway SLC)

Public Screening #3 - January 25th, 12:00PM MST (Redstone Cinemas)

Public Screening #4 - January 27th, 4:00PM MST (Megaplex Theatres at The Gateway SLC)

Public Screening #5 - January 28th, 1:30PM MST (Holiday Village Cinemas)

Will also available as part of the Sundance virtual library


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