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#SCREAMFEST2022 'Mean Spirited' - movie review

There are found footage movies and then there are very well edited "found" footage movies. Think the difference between BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and AFFLICTED. Now somewhere in between Jeff Ryan has found his lane with the ROBIN HOOD MEN IN TIGHTS of found footage horror MEAN SPIRITED. All I can say is wow as I was thrown into a story about revenge , jealousy , occult and good old fashion viral videos. MEAN SPIRTED was way more entertaining then I expected and I think horror fans will love this campy break from the usually stress induced found footage storylines.

MEAN SPIRITED follows Andy (Will Madden) an inspiring YouTuber looking to get a massive increase on followers. He plans to reveal that he is best friends with an action movie star who also left him as friend to pursue fame. What he doesn't know is this friend may have left for more than just the glamour and glitz of Hollywood. Honestly there were more laughs than frights in MEAN SPIRITED which is'n't a bad thing. It's a windy entertaining film from start to finish with some crafty camera magic sprinkled into the mix. Some how I felt almost like I watching a #ff movie about HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY meets INSIDIOUS.

It's possible MEAN SPIRTED will get lost in the season due to so much attention paid to classic horror around HALLOWEEN. Still they had a great premiere at SCREAMFEST and I'm sure the screening went great. MEAN SPIRITED has a decent late night flick feel that's packed with hysteria so make sure when you see it on SHUDDER and the like when its released.


MEAN SPIRITED is directed Jeff Ryan and stars Michelle Veintimilla (Gotham, ABC’s Big Sky and The Baker and the Beauty, Neville Archambault (13 CAMERAS, THE BLOCK ISLAND SOUND), Will Madden (BEAST BEAST), Daniel Rashid (BEAST BEAST), Will Martin (YOUTHMIN), Maria DeCotis (EUPHONIA), and Charlie Pollock (The Good Wife).

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