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Shark thriller "The Last Breath" heads in theaters & on demand July 26

It's Shark Week, and here at HMU, we're diving into the excitement with the new thriller from Joachim Hedén, "The Last Breath." The film follows a group of divers on a mission to find a lost warship when they are suddenly trapped by two sharks. Their survival depends on their dwindling oxygen tanks. Check out the thrilling new trailer and look for "The Last Breath," starring Kim Spearman ("As I Am"), Jack Parr (“Peaky Blinders”), Alexander Arnold ("Yesterday"), Erin Mullen (“Midsomer Murders”), Arlo Carter (“Doc Martin”), and Julian Sands ("A Room with a View") in theaters and on-demand on July 26th.

Finding the long-lost wreck of the warship USS Charlotte has been the lifelong pursuit of Levi (Julian Sands), an aging expat running a tourist dive business in the British Virgin Islands with recent college dropout Noah (Jack Parr). When the USS Charlotte emerges for the first time in eighty years after a tropical storm, Noah’s friends visiting the island insist on a once-in-a-lifetime dive on the newly discovered wreck before it’s handed over to the authorities. The dream dive rapidly turns into a nightmare as they become trapped in the darkness of the Charlotte’s interior, thirty meters down, with a dwindling air supply. And then they discover they are not alone.

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