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Genre specialist Black Mandala presents the new horror action movie, "SKINFORD: DEATH SENTENCE", directed by Nik Kacevski. A dangerous game, in an underworld with mad scientists and kidnapped women, where blood and eccentric gangsters abound. It's like John Wick‘s and Kick-Assmeeting in a horror movie.

"SKINFORD: DEATH SENTENCE“, will be presented for international sales at the AFM (American Film Market), one of the most important events in the film industry, which will take place in Santa Monica, California early november.

James «Skinny» Skinford has a simple plan: Steal and flip a mysterious truck to make some quick cash and save his ailing Dad from a hideous terminal illness. It’s all cherry pie until everything goes rightly tits up when he finds a woman - who cannot die - buried alive in the grave he was being forced to dig for himself. Anyone touching her become immortal, but being near her is also a death sentence.

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