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"Snow Valley" - movie review

In Memoriam: Brandon Murphy (2022).

Snow Valley, the debut and final film of the late Brandon Murphy, is a quirky supernatural thriller that delves into the interplay of family secrets and buried malevolence. Set in a ski resort constructed atop an old mining ground, the film unfolds as a group of friends gather for a special occasion, only to encounter sinister forces lurking beneath the snow-covered surface. In a nod to Murphy's legacy, Snow Valley reveals itself as a classically styled supernatural slasher.

The narrative revolves around a young, beleaguered couple, Heath (Cooper van Grootel) and Laura (Rachel Michiko Whitney, also credited as producer), seeking respite from their respective stresses. As the plot thickens, tensions rise, fueled by the revelation of Heath's affluence and the arrival of hired help, Ellen (Barbara Crampton). The film gradually unravels the secrets buried within the resort's history, particularly the tragic fate of miners entombed beneath its foundations. Yet, the erratic pacing ensures that just as one aspect of the folklore is explored, another layer emerges with the arrival of new guests.

Amidst the ensemble cast, Tom Williamson's portrayal of Dan stands out as dynamic and captivating, injecting much-needed energy into scenes that occasionally feel disjointed. However, Snow Valley falters in fully integrating its supernatural elements, at times feeling like an afterthought rather than an integral part of the narrative. The film's conclusion, while touching upon intriguing themes, ultimately falls short, veering into implausible territory that strains believability.

Despite its atmospheric setting and promising premise, Snow Valley earns a modest rating of 2 out of 5 stars. Directed by Brandon Murphy, the film features performances by Barbara Crampton, Rachel Michiko Whitney, Cooper van Grootel, Tom Williamson, David Lambert, Paige Elkington, and Ali Fumiko Whitney.


Snow Valley is directed by Brandon Murphy and starring

Barbara Crampton, Rachel Michiko Whitney, Cooper van Grootel, Tom Williamson, David Lambert, Paige Elkington, and Ali Fumiko Whitney 

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treacle thump
treacle thump
5 days ago

Among the group of actors, Tom Williamson's performance as Dan is particularly remarkable, as it brings a sense of vitality and captivation to situations that often lack coherence. tunnel rush

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