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Southern Outlaw Rockers OLD HEAVY HANDS Release Their Single "Runaround"

Old Heavy Hands have released their single "Runaround" to coincide with the release of their beer "Small Fires." The single is now streaming and available for download from all digital platforms. Nate Hall, guitarist/vocalis on the track, shared, “It’s a song that comes from a place of revelation. Sometimes we don’t realize that we’re the bad guy in our story. Runaround is about accepting that and changing the story. “

The “Small Fires” Pilsner is a collaboration with the band's friends at Little Brother Brewery. They chose a Pilsner because they wanted a crispy boy that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for another. Coming in at 4.20% ABV this beer lets you enjoy the show and not forget the party.

"Runaround" can be purchased or streamed at:

Singer Nate Hall found himself grappling with a dire stomach cancer diagnosis in August of 2018. While death was expected, Hall fought. And fought. Through chemotherapy and hard-assed willpower, his eventual recovery ignited a productive nine-month songwriting torrent by the entire band. After the dire cancer diagnosis Nate had only one choice, FIGHT. With a wife, 4 children, 2 grandchildren, a tattoo business, and a band to think about, Nate dug deep and began the literal fight for his life. Once the reality set in and fear and worry of his loved ones filled him with doubt, his family, friends and community came together to help lift the man that has spent his whole life helping others & show up they did. While going through the extreme pain and exhaustion of chemo the community stepped up in way he never could have imagined. From huge benefit concerts, to his staff at Legacy Irons having to fill the unfillable gap of Nate not having the energy to run the shop, to strangers signing up to bring the family dinner every night for months. It was no longer just Nate’s fight, it was everyone's fight and fight they did. The true story of David & Goliath the fight of cancer; David won! As Nate started to regain his strength and reflected on all his blessing and all the life he lived leading up to that point lit the fire. That fire grew bigger and bigger and songs started to spill out of him like a waterfall washing away the pain. The first song he pulled from his soul is "Runaround." A song that is the product of suffering.

Adding fuel to their fire, another member, Dee Self, dealt with the grief of his mother’s untimely death while Larry Slaton’s grandfather died from cancer during their writing process. A flood of tragedy produced a flood of creative response. In the insanely catchy "Runaround,” Old Heavy Hands examines accountability and the process of realizing what you’ve done and being big enough to atone for it. Throughout the rest of the album, the band either reflect on bitter experiences, or provide an escape hatch to a more tranquil place. Three of the band’s members are noted tattoo artists, gracing thousands of bodies with high-caliber skin art. Their other pursuit, music, finds each of the five members pooling their impressive professional experiences of the past to create something uniquely their own. At its core, Old Heavy Hands is about the bonds of family and the loyalty of lifelong friendships. Born from ashes of tragedies, theirs are songs by real people for real people -- inspired by true events.

Formed in 2015 in Greensboro, North Carolina, Old Heavy Hands forge a compelling brand of heartfelt southern rock informed as much by the Muscle Shoals tradition as the DIY punk rock of their youth. They recorded their new album, Small Fires, at The Fidelitorium and Earthtones studios, and with first single, “Runaround,” they exorcize demons, working through tragedy in a way that is far beyond artistic expression. It is a necessary purging of pain, loss, mortality and, ultimately, triumph.

Old Heavy Hands is:

Nate Hall - Guitar/vox Larry Wayne Slaton - Guitar/Vox David Self – Guitar/vox Josh Coe - Bass John Chester - Drum

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