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The award-winning production company continues expanding its scope with the new network, which will include podcasts from SpectreVision Co-Founders Elijah Wood & Daniel Noah, Mike Flanagan, David Lowery, Greg & Dana Newkirk, and Tom O’Neill, with some new episodes launching today.


SpectreVision, the award-winning production company headed up by Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah, and Lawrence Inglee, continues to expand their scope by launching SpectreVision Radio, a new podcast network. SpectreVision Radio boasts an eclectic slate of podcasts that explore cinema, music, and the arts, in addition to podcasts covering esoteric subjects such as UAP disclosure, the paranormal, and hidden history. The network will include a blend of original new podcasts, as well as new seasons of beloved existing podcasts. 


SpectreVision Radio will be home to the first ever podcasts from acclaimed filmmakers Mike Flanagan (THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER, MIDNIGHT MASS) and David Lowery (THE GREEN KNIGHT, A GHOST STORY), giving fans a chance to hear from them directly. SpectreVision co-founders Elijah Wood & Daniel Noah are returning with a new season of their popular podcast, “Visitations.” Scott Wampler, a beloved figure in the indie film community and previous co-host of the hugely popular “Kingcast” podcast, serves as a co-host for the new podcast “The Spiel” with Kingcast partner Eric Vespe; SpectreVision Radio will be airing the 12 episodes that were recorded prior to his unexpected passing earlier this year. 

SpectreVision Radio will also feature esoteric podcasts that remain creatively aligned with the overall ethos of the network, including shows from paranormal researchers Greg & Dana Newkirk (HELLIER, THE UNBINDING), occultist Sapphire Sandalo, award-winning investigative journalist Tom O’Neill (CHAOS) and occult scholar and award-winning author Mitch Horowitz (OCCULT AMERICA, MODERN OCCULTISM). Additionally, SpectreVision Radio will be one of the first to launch an “Always On” RSS feed on Spotify, which will present a blend of episodes from across the network mixed with exclusive content just for SpectreVision Radio listeners.  


Jim Perry, host and creator of “Euphomet,” the critically acclaimed documentary podcast now entering its sixth season, serves as the Network Director. Talon Entertainment Finance CEO Steven Demmler and Entrepreneur Michael Risley join Wood, Noah, and Inglee from SpectreVision as co-founders of the network.


Said Wood, “The idea of a podcast network that’s built like a community radio station is a natural extension of who we are. We’ve always thought of SpectreVision as a creative hub made up of like-minded people with shared interests. To have a space where creators can congregate to swap stories, share ideas and freely collaborate is a dream.”

Said Perry, “SpectreVision Radio brings together the worlds of the arts and the unknown through a kaleidoscope of perspectives and disciplines that, together, tell a fascinating, ever-evolving story.”


Episodes can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or anywhere you listen to podcasts, as well as on A list of podcasts that are launching new seasons for the network today can be found below: 


SpectreVision Radio (Always On Feed)

Daily postings from across the network, featuring a curated selection of new and favorite episodes from the archive, as well as exclusive content just for SpectreVision Radio listeners.


Carlos Niño & Friends: Conversations and Music (SVR Original)

Enter the world of Los Angeles based creative music producer and recording artist Carlos Niño as he reports on and from his sonic journeys, tour adventures, and spontaneous compositional studio explorations.

Directors Commentary (SVR Original)

Each episode, Mike Flanagan and a guest director invite the listener to watch-along a film as they create an old-school, DVD, director’s commentary.

Euphomet (New Season)

Jim Perry’s critically acclaimed documentary series about the unknown and our relationship to it, featuring real people sharing astonishing paranormal experiences.

Haunted Objects Podcast (New Season)

Paranormal researchers Greg & Dana Newkirk reveal the history, folklore, and supernatural significance of the world’s most haunted objects. 

The Movies that Made Me (New Season)

Filmmakers and entertainers discuss the movies that inspired them. Hosted by Oscar nominated screenwriter, Josh Olson and Hollywood legend, Joe Dante.

The Spiel (SVR Original)

With guests ranging from fellow film fans, to JJ Abrams, to even Spielberg himself -- The Spiel, co-hosted by Scott Wampler and Eric Vespe, is an open-ended love letter to one of the greatest film directors of all time. 


Stories With Sapphire (New Season)

Sapphire Sandalo, a queer, Filipino-American (Cebuano/Ilonggo) occultist, brings an empathic and diverse perspective to the paranormal community through stories and interviews from around the world. 

Visitations (New Season)

SpectreVision co-counders Elijah Wood & Daniel Noah visit the homes and workshops of some of their favorite creators for intimate conversations about the relationship between their lives and their art.


Additional shows from stuntwoman/actress/director Zoë Bell, leading occult scholar Mitch Horowitz, film critic Amy Nicholson, award-winning investigative journalist Tom O’Neil & “American Hysteria” podcaster Chelsey Weber Smith, attorney/activist Danny Sheehan, hacker/hacktivist John Threat, filmmaker/publisher Jodi Wille, and filmmaker David Lowery will roll out in a series of waves through the summer and fall. You can follow SpectreVision on Instagram and X for up-to-date news on when episodes will become available.


SpectreVision is a production company dedicated to boundary-pushing works from bold voices. Previous film credits include MANDY, A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT, and THE GREASY STRANGLER, among others. In addition to an expansive film and television slate, the company has recently wrapped production on the feature film RABBIT TRAP starring Dev Patel, and is currently developing a drama series reboot of MAX HEADROOM for AMC Networks. In the gaming space, the company created the psychological thriller adventure VR game Transference for Ubisoft, garnering nominations at the D.I.C.E. and Golden Joystick Awards. SpectreVision recently launched MUTANT, a new art and collectibles venture, partnering with former co-founders of the beloved pop culture collectibles company Mondo. The company has also announced High Strangeness, a “pop-up” publishing imprint in collaboration with award-winning comic book publisher Oni Press which will debut in 2025. SpectreVision is repped by CAA.

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