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Submissions & Slasher Ep 39 "Interview with filmmaker Patrick Rea"

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Once a week we try and sit down and give you guys the goods on whats in horror with our podcast Submissions & Slashers. While we know you love hearing Travis yap for an hour it always makes the episodes so much better with amazing guests. Well this week Travis is joined by filmmaker and fellow Missourian Patrick Rea. They discuss his latest film THEY WAIT IN THE DARK. Also they touch base on what works in supernatural films, how the LGBTQ community is being represented in films and why he still has a passion to write and direct. We would like to thank Patrick and the PR team at Accolade for setting up the great interview. It start about 10 mins in (2nd segment) on this weeks Submissions & Slashers podcast. Enjoy and make sure to subscribe to both our YouTube and Spotify platforms. Just search Submissions & Slashers!

Submissions & Slashers Ep 39

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