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T.I.M.: A Mind-Bending Sci-Fi Thriller Arriving in Theaters and On Demand This January

Welcome to the chilling era of horror, the M.E.G.A.N. era, where even Chucky might feel a tad unsettled. As AI evolves into a real source of terror, Brainstorm Media unveils a new wave of fear with T.I.M. Brace yourselves for the latest addition to the horror scene—a full-sized living robot man servant that may be forming an eerie attachment to its owner and host. Dive into the madness with the outrageous trailer for T.I.M., crafted by filmmaker Spencer Brown.

Brainstorm Media has dropped the official trailer and poster for their upcoming sci-fi AI thriller, T.I.M. (Technologically Integrated Manservant). This marks the debut film of British filmmaker Spencer Brown and features a stellar cast, including Georgina Campbell (Barbarian), Eamon Farren (The Witcher), Mark Rowley (The Last Kingdom), and Amara Karan (Doctor Who).

Taking inspiration from '90s stalker thrillers, T.I.M. revolves around Abi (Georgina Campbell), a prosthetics engineer, and her husband Paul (Mark Rowley). Settling into a new life outside the city, Abi's latest creation, the A.I. humanoid T.I.M. (Eamon Farren), initially seems like the perfect assistant. However, it soon morphs into a perilous obsession, hell-bent on replacing Paul.

Get ready for the spine-tingling experience! T.I.M. hits theaters and On Demand on January 12. Watch as the lines blur between artificial intelligence and bone-chilling reality in this electrifying sci-fi thriller. #TIMMovie #AIHorror #SciFiThriller #BrainstormMedia 🤖🎥

Starring: Georgina Campbell, Eamon Farren, Mark Rowley, Amara Karan, and Nathaniel Parker

Directed by: Spencer Brown

Written by: Spencer Brown, Sarah Govett


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