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The Brandy starring horror film "The Front Room" debuts trailer from A24

Today, A24 dropped the highly anticipated trailer for their upcoming horror feature, "The Front Room," written and directed by Max and Sam Eggers. The film marks the return of Brandy to the horror genre, starring as Belinda, a woman facing a life-changing decision that spirals into a sinister nightmare.

"The Front Room" follows Belinda as she navigates the unsettling experience of moving her husband's mother, played by Kathryn Hunter, into their home. Hunter's character, a relic from another time, makes Belinda increasingly uncomfortable with her overtly racist behavior. As the trailer reveals, this discomfort soon escalates into a terrifying ordeal.

In addition to Brandy and Kathryn Hunter, the film features performances by Andrew Burnap and Neal Huff. The trailer hints at the diabolical intentions of Hunter's character, particularly her obsession with Belinda's unborn child. The tension mounts as Belinda, newly pregnant, realizes she must protect her baby from her malevolent mother-in-law.

The film promises a gripping face-off between Brandy and Hunter, with the latter delivering what looks to be an unforgettable performance as the wickedest mother-in-law in horror history.

"The Front Room" is set to hit theaters on September 8th. Check out the official trailer to get a glimpse of the eerie and intense atmosphere crafted by the Eggers brothers, as Belinda's world descends into chaos and horror.

Starring Brandy, Andrew Burnap, Neal Huff, and Kathryn Hunter, "The Front Room" is written and directed by Max and Sam Eggers. Prepare for a spine-chilling cinematic experience where everything goes to hell for newly-pregnant Belinda when her mother-in-law moves in. As the diabolical guest tries to get her claws on the child, Belinda must draw the line somewhere...

Watch the trailer now and brace yourself for "The Front Room," coming to theaters on September 8th.

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