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The Overlook Film Festival Award Winners

Overlook Film Festival is in the books and while it was filled with 36 sold out screenings and over 6,000 attendees now we get the winners. As with every festival the winners are the filmmakers and the fans and this year it was a very spidery affair with a big man made out of wood taking home the prize. That's right Damian Mc Carthy's "Oddity" took home the "Audience Award" for Feature Film. Other selections of note is the Brea Grant short "MLM" receiving runner up with "The Looming" taking the shorts award home. Check out the winners below and don't worry most of the films in festival will be playing in theaters in the next few weeks!


Audience Award for Feature Film: Oddity

Runner-Up: Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person

Audience Award for Short Film: The Looming

Runner-Up: MLM


Grand Jury Prize for Short Film: Some Day All This Will Be Yours

Honorable Mention for Cinematography: Dream Factory

Scariest Short: Dream Creep

Honorable Mention for Performance: Joseph Lopez (The Looming)

Overlook is wrapped, but scare-loving audiences will soon get the chance to relive the terror all over again! Look for these titles from our 2024 season at your favorite multiplex, movie house, or streaming service:

Blackout — April 12, 2024 (VOD and Digital)

Abigail — April 19, 2024

Infested — April 26, 2024 (on Shudder)

In A Violent Nature — May 31, 2024

Cuckoo — August 9, 2024

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