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Theatrical Rock and Horror: Once Upon A Flatline Release "For the Wretched of the Earth"

Lit and lifted up from the stage: Once Upon A Flatline brings their conceptually hardcore-theatricore from the heralded presence of New York rock bands. This September, they are delivering their sound and production to the masses with their single/video "For The Wretched Of The Earth".

"When we originally recorded For The Wretched of The Earth, we felt a sense of urgency. We felt the world needed to hear a message of hope in these uncertain times. We also felt that perhaps enough hope was lying in wait in our individual hearts to make a difference - to at least one person somewhere in the world. Once the smoke of doubt had cleared, we realized that our scream was heard by far more people than we could have possibly ever imagined. It is for those that heard that call that we decided to reconsider how the story was to begin. We wanted to show the world not only something that we were proud of, but also something that our family could be proud of as well. We are here to stay and we welcome you to the theatre." - Once Upon A Flatline

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