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"There's only evil in those woods" 'IN THE EARTH' - movie review

If there was one film that truly represented this generation's BLAIR WITCH PROJECT it would be Ben Wheatley's IN THE EARTH. Real talk this guy knows how to make a great film and for fans of the visceral, fans of the suspense, IN THE EARTH leaves you on the edge. Smart and deliberate with a supernatural flair reminiscent of WICKER MAN. IN THE EARTH hashes up the same old story to remind us all of the evil we have inside.

Ok i'll stop bragging and name dropping and get to the film. IN THE EARTH felt like a slow build in the early stages but when it picks up it doesn't let go. The feature stars Joel Fry Hayley Squires and Ellora Torchia as companions looking to save the world from a deadly virus. The viewer is instantly brought into a reality like we are seeing today with temperature checks , masks and quarantines which really adds value to the film. For fans of movies with just terrible people doing terrible things, here you go. Don't sleep on Wheatley's direction as IN THE EARTH looks fantastic from start to finish.

Here's the bad part. There is going to be a large population of film goers that hate IN THE EARTH because it is the same, old, story. "Don't go in the woods!" No matter what you are trying to cure! Sadly people are tired of seeing unknown things chasing young white women in the forest. Real talk. So many will move on quickly from IN THE EARTH.

Here at HMU we think it's worth a glance to see Wheatley's work and if you haven't seen KILL LIST you are sleeping please wake the f**k up. Overall IN THE EARTH which is available now should do well enough to generate a good following and buzz for the film. Check it out for yourself and let us know your thoughts!


IN THE EARTH is WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY Ben Wheatley STARRING Joel Fry Ellora Torchia Hayley Squires Reece Shearsmith John Hollingworth Mark Mon.

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