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Trailer for the Nate Dushku-directed LGBTQ+ erotic thriller "Birder"

Updated: 3 days ago

Filmmaker Nate Dushku has released an intriguing new trailer for "Birder," featuring Michael Emery (known for SHAMELESS and STATION 19) as a bird watcher harboring mysterious secrets. Set in a remote New Hampshire lake, the film explores Kristian Brooks' (Emery) unsettling encounters at a nude queer campground. As his dark desires unfold, the boundaries of consent become dangerously blurred in this nightmarish erotic thriller. Don't miss "Birder" on-demand and digitally on June 25, 2024.

A bird watcher, Kristian Brooks (Michael Emery), invades a nude queer campground on a remote lake in New Hampshire. He wears whatever cover he needs to ensnare the locals in his dark fetish in this nightmarish erotic thriller. Consent has never been more deadly.


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