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UK crime mystery "Midnight Taxi" heads VOD and digital next week

Driving a black cab night after night offers Eddie Carter a quiet and simple life. However, when his daytime sleep schedule is disturbed by construction work next door, exhaustion begins to set in, forcing Eddie to rely heavily on coffee during his nighttime shifts. One fateful night, after pulling over for a break, Eddie awakens to a horrifying scene: the body of a murdered woman lying ahead of his cab.

Shocked and terrified, Eddie reports the gruesome discovery to the police, but the sight and his mounting fatigue continue to haunt him. The following night, Eddie awakens from a disturbing dream of the murder scene only to realize he has started sleepwalking again, a condition he suffered from as a child. Panic ensues as Eddie grapples with the terrifying possibility that he might have been involved in the woman's murder.

Determined to clear his conscience, Eddie embarks on a personal investigation into the murder. Enlisting the help of a frequent customer, investigative journalist Adam Blomfield, and high-end escort Karli, Eddie delves into the dark and dangerous underground world of London’s sex industry. As he digs deeper, Eddie finds himself uncovering secrets and navigating the murky depths of a city he thought he knew.

"Midnight Taxi" is written and directed by Bertie and Samantha Speirs, with cinematography and editing by Bertie Speirs and an original score composed by Jake Bradford-Sharp. This gripping thriller, produced by A Little Nipper Production, promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats as Eddie Carter's quiet life spirals into a nightmarish journey through London's underbelly.

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