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Unsettling women's horror short "Berta" makes world premiere at Fantasia 24'

The highly anticipated short film "BERTA," directed by Spanish filmmaker Lucía Forner Segarra, is set to make its world premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal. The film is part of the Official Selection of the Born of Woman showcase, which highlights emerging voices in genre cinema.

"BERTA" completes Forner Segarra's trilogy of feminist horror shorts, following the success of "MARTA" and "DANA." The film stars Nerea Barros in the title role, alongside Elías González and a cameo appearance by Thais Blume, Forner Segarra's long-time muse. The film is executive produced by Montreal genre filmmaker Patricia Chica through her company, Flirt Films.

The short film delves into the story of a woman named Berta, who seeks to make a man understand the harm he caused her in the past. Utilizing unorthodox methods, Berta's journey is one of seeking justice and understanding. Forner Segarra balances the dramatic theme with touches of dark humor, a hallmark of her filmmaking style.

"BERTA is the story of a woman who wants her aggressor to understand the harm he caused her years ago, because her monster, like most monsters, seems harmless and lives without remorse. And although it's a dramatic theme, there are touches of dark humor that relieve the distress, something I enjoy and often include in my work,” Forner Segarra explained.

Mitch Davis, Artistic Director of the Fantasia International Film Festival, praised the film, stating, "Lucía is such a talent. I absolutely loved her new short 'BERTA.' I need to mention how much I smiled when the male character in 'BERTA' screamed out the names DANA and MARTA. Such a great touch and it creates a brilliant psychic link with actress Thais Blume and Lucía’s protagonists of earlier works. So good!”

Montreal audiences can expect Forner Segarra's unapologetically bold and angsty style of filmmaking, characterized by abundant blood, chills, and scars, as tension and anxiety rise throughout the film.

"BERTA" is a 17-minute short film written, directed, and produced by Lucía Forner Segarra. The film's executive producer is Patricia Chica of Flirt Films. It features cinematography by Claudia Rodríguez, editing by Fanny Fernández Morales, and an original score by Joan Vilà. The film is distributed by YAQ.

For more information about "BERTA," visit Lucía Forner Segarra's Instagram at and Twitter @Forner_Lucia, using the hashtag #BERTAFilm.

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