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'You undead? Forget about it!' "Witness Infection" - movie review

Usually in the world of zombies ever so often a rat may be the cause of your outbreak. In the flick from Andy Palmer WITNESS INFECTION we find a group of human rats who, well may just turn into zombies themselves.

So you can add into the mix all kinds of pop culture references in WITNESS INFECTION but i'd say GOODFELLAS meets ROMEO AND JULIET in a very strange episode of THE WALKING DEAD. And sausages for Christ sake you can't forget the sausages. Truth be told that while they may be tasty, sausages are disgustING in form and shape so I can't think of better resource for a zombie outbreak.

Two rival mafia families and one zombie apocalypse has you in store for a tons of laughs so expect to be in pieces with WITNESS INFECTION. The Guido rhetoric is so over the top in the film it seems as if it was done on purpose. Which could be since the cast is filled with some of the best animated voice over talent in the business. Don't expect some life changing movie though this is one to grab the craft beer and popcorn and sit back and enjoy. The story makes sense and isn't that hard to follow. Basic indie gore but tons of blood to satisfy most fiends.

2.5 / 5

WITNESS INFECTION was produced by Alazraqui, Melean and Warner Davis. Andy Palmer directed. Carlos Alazraqui ("Rocko's Modern Life", Spyro the Dragon, "The Fairly OddParents") co-wrote the film and stars, alongside fellow voice actors Tara Strong ("Teen Titans", "Rugrats", "The Powerpuff Girls"), and Maurice LaMarche ("Pinky and the Brain", "Futurama", "Hey Arnold").

The cast also includes co-writer Jill-Michele Melean ("MadTV", White/Latina), Robert Belushi ("How I Met Your Mother", Sorority Row), Bret Ernst ("Cobra Kai"), Erinn Hayes ("Children's Hospital", "Medical Police", "Kevin Can Wait"), Monique Coleman (the High School Musical franchise, "Dancing With the Stars"), and Joseph D. Reitman ("Happy!", Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back).

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