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“Your Lucky Day” Original Soundtrack is Available on all streaming platforms 11/10

One of our standout discoveries at this year's FANTASTIC FEST was Daniel Brown's 'YOUR LUCKY DAY.' We were fortunate enough to engage in a conversation with both Daniel and the film's star, Jessica Garza. Exciting news surfaced last week regarding the film's composer, Matt Hutchinson, who will be releasing the movie's soundtrack on the same day as 'YOUR LUCKY DAY' hits theaters, slated for November 10th. This dark comedy has all the makings of an instant classic, making it a film that will undoubtedly be a hot topic as we approach the end of 2023. While we're in the process of locating and posting our review (we thought it had already been published), we invite you to revel in this latest update!"

The original soundtrack by composer Matt Hutchinson for the feature film Your Lucky Day will be released timed to the film’s day & date theatrical – in theaters on Friday, November 10th, 2023.The film directed by Daniel Brown and starring the late Angus Cloud (HBO’s Euphoria) in one of his final extraordinary performances. Composed by Matt Hutchinson(Tuscaloosa, starring Natalia Dyer), this richly nuanced soundtrack will be released digitally everywhere on November 10th, 2023, timed to the film’s release.

Your Lucky Day is Daniel Brown’s epic feature film directorial debut and tells the story of a street level drug dealer named Sterling (Cloud ) who witnesses a wealthy older man win a $156 million USD lottery on Christmas Eve. With his eye set on achieving the “American Dream” and looking to take the jackpot for himself, Sterling holds the entire mini-mart hostage with a half-baked plan to steal the ticket and split up the prize pool. Adding to the film's quick plot turns and relentless pace is the dark and emotionally charged original score. Hutchinson, who channels the energy of this pressure-cooker situation in which every character is forced to examine their justifications for their actions, has delivered a soundtrack that seamlessly enhances the movie's narrative.

“I’m always very inspired by the visuals I am working with,” stated Hutchinson. “I look at the color, tone, and pacing. I listen to the sonic qualities of the actors' voices - the sound design too. All of these things inspire me as I begin to conceptualize and create the score. My goal is for the music to become such an integral part of the experience that the audience isn’t aware it’s there anymore. Then again, there are occasionally moments where the music takes center stage and speaks more boldly to the narrative. It’s really just storytelling. I just want to help the director realize the story in the best way possible, and Dan made that easy for me by creating such a well-crafted and compelling film.”

“I have lots of thoughts on music but it’s also like speaking a foreign language for me, all hand gestures and pointing, I need a translator,” added Brown. “I met Matt working on a video game trailer nearly 20 years ago, and we struck up a relationship and discovered a kinship that would remain. Commercial work followed but more importantly it was the side projects we did together that seemed to really pop for both of us. The minute I wrapped production on the shoot my next call was to Matt to see if he’d be able to work on the music -- I wanted to SCORE the film, underline emotion, and enhance the thrills while also looking for places to experiment and surprise the audience sonically. As always with Matt he delivered in spades.”

The Your Lucky Day original soundtrack is available on all digital platforms beginning November 10th.

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