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BIG EASY QUEENS wins Audience Award at Popcorn Frights

While we still have a few more films to pump out reviews for last night POPCORN FRIGHTS unveiled an award winner. Picking up the prestigious AUDIENCE AWARD is the spectacular looking murder thriller BIG EASY QUEENS. With so many genre blending films in this years selection (among many of pandemic driven ones) this is a huge success. Look for news on distribution soon although this film has SHUDDER written all over it. You didn't hear that from me..

BIG EASY QUEENS claims the title of Popcorn Frights’ Audience Award for Best Feature Film. The made-in-Florida LGBTQ glam horror musical BIG EASY QUEENS featured a live performance at its world premiere presentation. Full of zombies, gristle, and glitter, BIG EASY QUEENS is "a campy neo-giallo delight soaked in blood."

The horror-comedy feature includes all-new original music from its cast of local drag and cabaret artists Miss Bouvèé, Benjamin Shaevitz, Jennifer McClain, and Matthew Darren. Entirely made in Florida, BIG EASY QUEENS is directed by Erynn Dalton and written by Robert Leleux.

Deep in the steamy underworld of New Orleans, Mob Queen of the Quarter Minnie Bouvèé has arch-nemesis Poodles Makenzie’s crew brutally slaughtered. As she braces for the blowback, she begins to notice an unexpected creepy masked figure stalking her, leaving behind bouquets of gardenias and terrifying notes. Is this Poodles’ revenge, or the work of Minnie’s estranged sister who stole her man years ago and has suddenly reappeared in her life?

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