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Blackened Bass Act, LUNA 13 Drops The Provocative LP, 'Gorgo' & New Single, "Hear My Call"

Provocative Black/Bass/Metal duo LUNA 13 have returned to bring their latest sonic assault, Gorgo featuring the single, "Hear My Call."

LUNA 13 once again bring their curious hallmarks with the crossing over from electronica to black metal. Dr. Luna, the duo’s demented musical maestro creates the voluminous sound solely with synthesizers and distortion pedals by wrapping heavy distortion around sub-bass. Frontwoman Lilith Bathory brings the spectacle with brutal vocals and for the live show, trance - inducing dance moves behind her devil horns.

Themes of Gorgo range from the likes of the occult ("'Til There's Nothing Left," "Gorgo," "Her Infernal Majesty," & "Hear My Call".) and horror ("Unborn," "Upside Down," & "Ghosts Of Night").

"Gorgo is the most complete release because it personifies what I was trying to accomplish as an artist. I genuinely love Black Metal and underground dark dnb/Bass music and this release accomplishes my task. Gorgo has several of my favorite songs on it. It’s our first release that I believe we perfected what we wanted to do.“- Dr. Luna

Gorgo is available on all digital platforms including Bandcamp.

"Hear My Call” is the new single from Gorgo and is accompanied by a harrowing music video directed by Vicente Cordero (Stabbing Westward, Filter, 3TEETH). The song itself takes a stand against religious control.

Filmed inside a cryptic church and featuring blood-filled vignettes and haunting invocations, the video is a bold art piece that showcases LUNA 13’s strong stance on the ills of religious control.

As frontwoman Lilith Bathory told Metal Injection, “’Hear My Call’ begins with Lilith calling Lucifer, to stand with her against the rampant atrocities carried out by religion and those who use their faith to control, oppress or kill. It asks everyone to open their eyes to how these corrupt systems, and how they are used, end up killing us all.”

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