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Chattanooga Film Fest 2023 “We Might Hurt Each Other” - movie review

From the mind of filmmaker Jonas Trukansas comes We Might Hurt Each Other, a Lithuanian film that attempts to delve into the slasher genre with a unique twist. While slashers continue to captivate audiences around the globe, this particular film falls short of its potential, resulting in a bewildering experience that fails to deliver a successful ending.

The story revolves around a group of high school kids who, after attending an offsite graduation party, stumble upon a collection of strange wooden figures. As they begin to destroy these figures, an unexpected turn of events leads to a homicidal maniac going on a killing spree. Initially, the film shows promise with its premise, but unfortunately, it quickly derails and fails to maintain its initial momentum.

Slashers have long been regarded as one of the most entertaining subgenres within the horror film industry. The tension, suspense, and visceral nature of these films often provide an adrenaline-pumping experience for viewers. However, We Might Hurt Each Other fails to capitalize on the strengths of the slasher genre. While it attempts to incorporate elements of humor and violence, the film struggles to find a cohesive direction, leaving audiences wondering where it is heading.

The storyline, albeit straightforward, lacks the necessary development and depth required to engage the audience. It becomes apparent that the narrative quickly loses its focus, resulting in a confusing and unsatisfying viewing experience. The film's potential is undermined by a lack of coherent storytelling, leaving viewers scratching their heads and craving a more fulfilling resolution.

The cast and crew of We Might Hurt Each Other do their best to salvage the film, but ultimately their efforts fall short. While some moments provide glimpses of humor and the occasional burst of violence, these elements are not enough to save the film from its inherent flaws. The performances are adequate, but they are hindered by the film's disjointed narrative and lack of character development.

On a positive note, We Might Hurt Each Other manages to elicit a few chuckles and offers moments of graphic violence for those seeking such thrills. However, these fleeting moments fail to compensate for the overall lack of coherence and direction. It is difficult to wholeheartedly recommend this film, as it leaves the viewer feeling confused and unsatisfied.

In conclusion, We Might Hurt Each Other, originally titled Pensive, had the potential to be an intriguing addition to the slasher genre. However, the film quickly loses its footing and fails to provide a successful ending or a satisfying viewing experience. With a lack of coherent storytelling and underdeveloped characters, it falls short of expectations. As such, we give this film a rating of 2 out of 5 stars from HMUNCUT. While some may find certain aspects entertaining, we cannot overlook the film's overall confusion and missed opportunities.

We encourage viewers to give We Might Hurt Each Other a glance to form their own opinions. Perhaps there are those who will find elements to appreciate where we could not.


WE MIGHT HURT EACH OTHER made its North American Premiere at #ChattfilmFest

Directed by Jonas Trukanas and stars Kipras Masidlauskas, Povilas Jatkevicius, Saule Rasimate, Sarunas Rapolas Meliesius, Gabija Bargailaite

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Joshua Bowers
Joshua Bowers
Jun 26, 2023

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