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“Delete your dating apps now” Those Who Walk Away - movie review

Booboo Stewart makes his return to the world of genre films in the latest feature from Robert Rippberger THOSE WHO WALK AWAY. Filled with fantasy, intrigue and a carnivorous urban lore. THOSE WHO WALK AWAY may surprise audiences with an a unique approach and a very well driven storyline. Since the feature is an independent offering one of the main things that may turn away audiences is the less than spectacular showing of the RotCreep. We feel there’s more than enough in THOSE WHO WALK AWAY to excite and engage a good old fashion horror movie fan base.

As mentioned before those who walk away stars Booboo Stewart as a young man who has been dealing with the untimely death of his mother. He meets a young lady via a social dating app and turns what should have been a night filled with an expectations of fun. Into a wild and demeaning ride of terror in a fight for survival. This is possibly the worst Tinder Date anyone has ever been on. One of the main things that sticks out about THOSE WHO WALK AWAY is it really is a story within a story which adds so much to the very unique filmmaking style its presented in. I found myself re-watching the beginning over and over because I enjoyed the effects and mystery trying to understand if what we were watching was reality in the first place. Once our main character Max play by Booboo meets Avery play by Scarlett Serpduto the issues that people have with trusting someone they just met are put on full display.

If anything THOSE WHO WALK AWAY is a sheer reminder that most of the times things and people may not be who they seem. The filmmakers allow the viewers to be thrown into a mindnumbing world of chaos as a watch what unfolds for Max as he fights for survival in a world he’s been disconnected from. The viewer will be pulling their teeth out trying to help and trying to assume a happy ending for our main character here but when they see how the film concludes they may go back and rewatch the entire film from a completely different point of you.

That alone speaks volumes for the film THOSE WHO WALK AWAY and if the audience can get past the independent production of the film they can surely find some hidden gems that will have them talking about this movie.

3.0 / 5


Directed by: Robert Rippberger

Written by: Robert Rippberger and Spencer Moleda

Starring: Booboo Stewart and Scarlett Sperduto

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