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Empress Road nabs world on TIMESCAPE; first look stills released

Empress Road has acquired worldwide sales rights to dinosaur time-travel film TIMESCAPE.

TVA has taken Canadian rights, releasing in February 2022. Empress Road Pictures will explore opportunities around the rest of the globe.

Director Aristomenis Tsirbas worked at Blue Studios, the studio behind such hits as DEADPOOL and SONIC THE HEDGEHOG; he was also a Sundance award recipient and previously directed BATTLE FOR TERRA starring Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood.

The film, produced by Fullum Films and filmed in Canada , stars Sofian Oleniuk, Lola Rossignol-Arts and Nathaniel Amranian .

Synopsis : A brilliant young boy, JASON, discovers a MYSTERIOUS SPACECRAFT that crash lands in a nearby forest. Inside he meets LARA, an equally curious girl who discovered the alien craft moments before.

While attempting to figure out how to operate the vessel, the two are catapulted BACK IN TIME to final days of the GREAT DINOSAURS. The vessel is indeed a TIME MACHINE!

With the help of MIA, the ship’s funny floating Mobile Intelligent Assistant with a little bit of attitude, the kids race against time to repair the ship and return home before the spectacular astroid impact.

Along the way they encounter a BREATHTAKING variety of DINOSAURS, from the majestic BRACHIOSAURUS to the ferocious T-REX - and even something never seen before!


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