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Girls to Buy out next month

Based on a true story, Emi — a young, ambitious girl, dreams about life outside her small town. When a tempting madam offers her a chance to escape, she doesn't hesitate and quickly becomes an exclusive escort. Soon enough she climbs the ranks and starts her own VIP escort service — recruiting Polish celebrities, actors, singers, and models. However, the luxurious and enticing world eventually shows its dark side when some of the girls find themselves casualties of the underground trade, and the glamorous façade of Emi's world starts to crack.

Based on the best-selling novel "Girls from Dubai", GIRLS TO BUY was released in Poland in November 2021, and became the #1 film at the Box Office, grossing over $5.8M. GIRLS TO BUY stars Paulina Galazka (Playing Hard, Successful Woman), Katarzyna Sawzcuk (The Lure), Giulio Berruti (Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard), and Katarzyna Figura (The Player, The Pianist, The Revenge).


Directed By: Maria Sadowska

Starring: Paulina Galazka, Katarzyna Sawczuk, Giulio Berruti, Katarzyna Figura,

and Józef Pawlowski

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