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Goredrome Pictures April releases: Sergio Blasco Gore Collection, Bloody Sin and Dreams of Flesh

Gorehounds is pleased to announce the release of six extreme horror films, currently up for pre-order on Goredrome Pictures and TetroVideo official websites.

The Sergio Blasco Gore Collection is a Goredrome Pictures worldwide exclusive and is a collection based on sex, drugs and violence that includes four extreme films by the Spanish director: Plano Detalle (2008), Más Carnaza (1997), Litio (2014) and Burrp! (1996).

The Sergio Blasco Gore Collection comes in a limited Mediabook edition with two Blu-ray discs (HD Remaster Edition), Booklet, Slipcover and 2 Cards.Slipcovers and cards are limited to pre-order customers only.

This month there are also two italian films available for pre-order: the director's cut of Bloody Sin – Oltretomba (2011), the erotic horror film by Domiziano Cristopharo and the sci-fi horror film Dreams of Flesh (2023) by Davide Pesca.

These two titles are also available in the limited Mediabook edition with Blu-ray, Booklet, Slipcase and two cards.


  • The SERGIO BLASCO GORE COLLECTION includes the never released before Plano Detalle, a snuff movie about kidnapping and abusing young women while they are filmed for paying people; Más Carnaza, an extreme splatter/gore medium-length film about a psychopath who escapes from prison to torture his ex girlfriend to death; Litio, a short film (directed by Sergio Blasco together with Rodrigo Canet) about a young heroin addict, psychologically and physically destroyed by her drug addiction; and the medium-length film Burrp!, a gore zombie film where a dangerous epidemic turns reality shows into arenas of violence. The Plano Detail trailer:


  • Written by Filippo Santaniello and directed by Domiziano Cristopharo (House of Flesh Mannequins, Nightmare Symphony), the erotic horror film Bloody Sin – Oltretomba was defined as “The First Glam Horror Movie” by the French monthly magazine L'Écran Fantastique. The film is inspired by Oltretomba, a horror and erotic comic series created in 1971 by Stanley Baldock and Dino Leonetti. In Bloody Sin, a team of researchers investigates a European castle that was used for sadistic tortures during the Inquisition, as well as horrifying and abominable Nazi experiments on innocent people. Riddled with history, the demonically possessed castle overtakes the crew turning their nightmares into a terrifying reality. The cast of the film includes Dallas Walker, Maria Rosaria Omaggio (Nightmare City), Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust), Venantino Venantini (City of the Living Dead), Roberta Gemma (Hyde's Secret Nightmare) and Antonella Salvucci (Nightmare Symphony).


  • The sci-fi horror film Dreams of Flesh (2023) is directed by Davide Pesca (Suffering Bible, Night of Doom) and is the third and final film in the director's trilogy dedicated to the world of Cyberpunk after Night of Doom (2021) and Re -Flesh (2022). Synopsis: in the "Neovita" clinic, the Dr. Lovo is experimenting an innovative system. This is a sort of shock therapy which, thanks to the stimulation of the pineal gland and the virtual reality, is able to cure the psychophysical pathologies of the patients and also those of the doctor, unfortunately with negative results.

  • Ivan Brusa, Selene Scarcella, Lo Zavo Enrico Calloni, Reiko Nagoshi, Linda Neri, Fabiola La Gala and Alessandro Davoli star.

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