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Grimmfest 2020, The Online Edition, announces the short film programmes for

this years festival, along with details of more confirmed guests, and a last-

minute addition to the feature film line-up.

The Grimmfest team is delighted to be present our final feature film selection.

The International Premiere of Bruce Wemple's genre-bending creature-feature

MONSTROUS. An offbeat, expectation-challenging take on the Bigfoot legend,

with a sharp and subtle script by lead actress Anna Shields, it's as much a

tentative, suspicion-blighted romance, as it is a marauding monster movie.

The film replaces Brando Lee's THE MEDIUM, which is now not available due to

technical issues.

Grimmfest is also now able to announce some of the guests for this year's

exclusive panel on Iconic Women in Horror. Thus far confirmed are: Adrienne

Barbeau, Pollyanna McIntosh, Caroline Williams, and Brea Grant.

The feminine theme continues into Grimmfest's Short Film Programmes, with the

first of this year's programmes devoted to women filmmakers. An online intruder

unleashes unexpected emotions in the UK premiere of Jessica Fostekew's chilling

SHARED DOCUMENT. An alienated young woman is haunted by a spectral

presence in the International premiere of Megan Mead's unsettling EVERY

CORNER. A homeless woman discovers that you should never go home in the UK

premiere of Yinghui Fu's haunting HONOUR THY MOTHER. A shy young woman is

offered a mysterious cosmetic treatment with a terrible cost in the UK premiere

of darkly comic BEAUTY JUICE, from former Troma Scream Queen Natasha

Halevi. There's a chilling vision of personal negation in the UK premiere of

Mónica Mateo's YOU WILL NEVER BE BACK and a hot Summer day brings back

more than nostalgic memories in the Northern UK premiere of Nat Luurtsema's

OUZO AND BLACKCURRANT. The risks of AirBnB become all to uncomfortably

apparent in Lisa J Dooley's darkly comic THE LONELY HOST and a neglected

teenager makes a dangerous friendship, in Kristina Manzhula's eerie I LOVE EVE.

The Second Shorts Programme offers glimpses of the forbidden and the frightful

with some nasty twists in the tale. Childhood terrors with a Dr Seuss twist in the

World Premiere of Nikki Born's creepy WITCHES IN THE WINDOW. Animated

gothic-expressionist romance, in Farnoosh Abedi's haunting MALAKOUT.

Supernatural revenge in the World premiere of Mark Pluck's eerie PLATFORM. A

relaxing bath turns deadly in the UK premiere of Morten Haslerud's chilling

ANTIQUE. A terrifying prescient vision of a virus-blighted future, in the UK

premiere of Bruno du Bois's ZEALANDIA. There's a monster on the road, in the

World premiere of Jack Shillingfords laconic lycanthrope shocker DEAD END.

Dementia isn't the only thing afflicting an elderly mother in the International

premiere of Michael Squid's nightmarish THE CHRYSALIS. Youth comes at a

price, in the UK premiere of Virat Pal's elegantly cruel FACELIFT, and there are

far worse things than social embarrassment in store, in the UK premiere of

Andrew Rutter's truly outrageous PETER THE PENGUIN.

The Grimmfest programming team is also taking advantage of the newfound

scheduling flexibility permitted by the online format to add a third programme of

shorts, exclusively for Full festival Pass Holders. There's a pointed examination

of racism and good manners in the European premiere of Richard B. Pierre's AN

UNINVITED GUEST, Vernon Wells takes on a giant grizzly bear in the UK

premiere of Titus Paar's FEAR OF THE WOODS. Mary Shelley meets the suburban

sitcom, as David Troughton and Roberta Taylor star in the Northern UK premiere

of Paul Williams'darkly comic FRANK & MARY. There's romance on the open road

in the Northern UK premiere of Aidan Brezonick and Addison Heimann's

unsettling JEFF DRIVES YOU. Anxiety takes on all-too-physical form in the UK

premiere of Spencer Ryerson's queasy body horror, COIL. And finally, a golem-

like masked killer proves quite resilient in Alex Montilla's outrageous OVERKILL.

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