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Holiday slasher "Santa Isn't Real" drops a trailer

Get ready for a chilling holiday season with the upcoming horror film of the year, "SANTA ISN'T REAL." As you gear up for the influx of festive frights this season, keep an eye out for this spine-tingling holiday slasher. The story unfolds with a young woman who survives a harrowing attack by a masked Santa, but the ordeal is met with skepticism from those around her. Emerging from a year-long coma, she, along with a group of friends, decides to spend the holidays at a remote cabin, only to find themselves face-to-face with the return of the Santa slasher.

XYZ Films and Rotting Press present this heart-pounding cinematic experience, directed by Zac Locke. Brace yourself for the suspense and thrills as the film hits VOD and digital platforms on December 8th. XYZ has just unveiled an intriguing new trailer—get an exclusive sneak peek before the release date!

After suffering a brutal attack on Christmas eve, a young woman, Nikki, struggles to convince her friends that the assailant was none other than Ol' Kris Kringle. When Santa returns to terrorize the group in their remote cabin the next Christmas, Nikki and her friends must overcome disbelief as they fight to stay alive.



Written and Directed by: Zac Locke (The Voyeurs, Black Christmas)

Cast: Scarlett Sperduto, Dana Millican, Kaya Coleman

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