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Industrial Band, Dread Risks Brings Solace In The Dark With New LP

Industrial Band, Dread Risks in conjunction with Re:Mission Entertainment have unveiled the new full-length LP, Automated Disappointment. Utilizing the vessel of nine new original dark, pulsing sermons, the industrial duo builds on an already relentless attack with further incorporation of melody amidst sonic torment.

Automated Disappointment is the chronicle of effort always resulting in some form of failure and the hostility that ensues. From the brutal confinement of plodding tracks like “Bound Limbs” and “You Sleep In The Shroud That Buried Me” to the haunting melodic beats of “Trace Amounts” and “Extinction Form”, Dread Risks enthralls the listener into familiar nightmare desperation.

The mass accumulation of endless self-examination and loss, delivered via punishing assault, reminds the listener that the dark can be a comforting respite.

Automated Disappointment is available NOW on vinyl LP, CD and digital formats via Re:Mission Entertainment.

Formed in 2018, Dread Risks is a 2-piece electro-industrial band from Austin, TX. Over its three year pulse, the group has attracted a loyal and enthusiastic following behind the strength of its growing release catalog, immersive live performances, and consistent output of remixes across the darkscene. With a firm foundation in aggressively-dynamic sounds, Dread Risks continues to craft meaningful song structures with insightful and disturbing themes, paired with cruel self-examination.

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