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Panic Fest 24' Exclusive interview with "Ghost Game" assistant director Johnny Mercer

As we delve into our live coverage from Panic Fest 2024, we've had the privilege to catch up with some of the remarkable talent behind the eagerly anticipated feature "Ghost Game" by Jill Sixx. Among them is Johnny Mercer, who plays a pivotal role as assistant director. Mercer, known for his diverse contributions to cinema, shares insights into his first collaboration with a female director and his commitment to realizing the vision of Jill Sixx and writer Adam Cesare in "Ghost Game."

anics" to "Last Night at Terrace Lanes," Mercer, a Maryland native, brings a wealth of experience to the project. In our exclusive interview, he discusses the trials and triumphs on set, the stellar ensemble cast, and the captivating centerpiece of the film—the hauntingly picturesque house.

Humbled by his involvement, HMUNCUT extends gratitude to Johnny Mercer and the entire team behind "Ghost Game." Stay tuned for comprehensive coverage of Panic Fest right here on our website!

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