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"The Moor" - movie review

"The Moor," directed by Chris Cronin and starring Sophia La Porta, David Edward-Robertson, and Bernard Hill, delves into the eerie and atmospheric depths of a haunted moor. In this chilling narrative, Claire (La Porta) embarks on a dark journey alongside Bill (Edward-Robertson), the father of her deceased childhood friend, and a psychic, seeking answers about the mysterious circumstances surrounding her friend's death.

The film adeptly mixes documentary-style filming, found footage, and traditional narrative techniques, creating an engaging and immersive horror experience. Cronin’s direction is particularly notable for maintaining viewer engagement through these varied storytelling methods, enhancing the film's eerie and unsettling ambiance.

However, "The Moor" adheres closely to traditional genre conventions, and while it delivers a solid storyline and capable performances, it lacks the innovative spark that could have set it apart. The narrative, though intriguing, unfolds at a pace that may test the patience of some viewers, taking its time to build up to a climactic conclusion that, while effective, arrives a bit too late.

A more haunting and pervasive score could have significantly contributed to the film's atmosphere, intensifying the sense of dread that the visuals so aptly conjure. Despite these areas where it could have pushed the boundaries further, "The Moor" remains a commendable gothic horror piece, embodying the quintessential dark and misty elements of UK horror.

Overall, while "The Moor" may not break new ground in the horror genre, it stands as a solid and engaging film that successfully delivers suspense and psychological thrills.

Rating: **2.5/5** - A well-executed if somewhat conventional horror film, "The Moor" provides a satisfying, if not groundbreaking, addition to the genre.

Director: Chris Cronin

Cast: Sophia La Porta, David Edward-Robertson, Bernard Hill & Elizabeth Dormer-Phillips

UK Theatrical Release Date: 14th June 2024

UK Digital Release Date: 1st July 2024

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