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The Seeding" Coming to Theaters and VOD in January 2024 from Magnet Releasing.

🌾👹 Brace yourselves for the perfect blend of folk horror, kid survivalist, MISERY, and sheer terror in Barnaby Clay's THE SEEDING! 🎬 This genre standout hits theaters and VOD soon, unveiling a gripping tale of a hiker seeking refuge with a woman under something sinister. Watch the trailer, and be ready for spine-chilling images that might keep the hiker there longer than he desires! 😱🌲 #TheSeeding #HorrorMovie #MagnetReleasing

In THE SEEDING, a hiker lost in the desert takes refuge with a woman living alone, and soon discovers that she might not be there willingly. Directed by Barnaby Clay (SHOT! THE PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL MANTRA OF ROCK), the film stars Scott Haze (VENOM, JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION) and Kate Lyn Sheil (YOU’RE NEXT, V/H/S).


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