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Trailer Premiere - Shudder’s HISTORY OF EVIL, Starring Paul Wesley and Jackie Cruz, Premieres February 23

Shudder, known for its captivating selections, presents a must-watch in February: the political supernatural thriller, HISTORY OF EVIL. 📽️ On February 23rd, dive into the chilling world crafted by writer & director Bo Mirhosseni.


In a dystopian America, The Resistance fights against a theocratic police state. Alegre Dyer, a member, escapes political prison with her family. Seeking refuge in a remote safe house, they uncover its sinister past, unraveling a tale of fear and darkness.


🌟 Paul Wesley

🌟 Jackie Cruz

🌟 Murphee Bloom

🌟 Rhonda Johnsson Dents

Debut Trailer: Get a glimpse of the supernatural journey with the debut trailer on Shudder! 🎬

Layers of Intrigue:

HISTORY OF EVIL promises a genre-bending experience, blending politics, the supernatural, and family dynamics. As the Dyer family navigates a world fraught with danger, the house's dark secrets threaten to consume them.

Save the Date: February 23rd!

Whether you're a fan of political thrillers, supernatural suspense, or both, HISTORY OF EVIL is set to deliver a gripping narrative. Don't miss the Shudder release on February 23rd.

Cast Your Eyes on the Debut Trailer: Get a sneak peek into the terror that awaits! 👀🍿 #HistoryOfEvil #ShudderOriginal #SupernaturalThriller #MustWatch

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