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KILLER CONDOM one of the many titles coming to Troma Now!

Troma-Now is proud to announce that it will be streaming iconic films from one of independent cinema's most important distributors: Vinegar Syndrome!

"Vinegar Syndrome has been working with Troma since the beginning of our existence and shares their mission of supporting trend-bucking creative freedom in the arts,” says Vinegar Syndrome co-founder Joe Rubin. “We are delighted to offer many of our catalog highlights on Troma Now, which has become one of the best independent and genre film-focused streaming platforms anywhere." 

Founded in 2012 by Joe Rubin and fellow film archivist Ryan Emerson with the mission of preserving and distributing the most unique and sought-after genre cinema, Vinegar Syndrome has, to date, restored and released over 500 films from around the globe, ranging from lost genre landmarks to cult movie classics.

Among the films to be streamed on Troma-Now this year are: Autopsy, Don’t Open Till Christmas, Nothing Underneath, French Sex Murders, The Lamp, Flesh Eating Mothers, Terminal Island, Don’t Go in the Woods, Christmas Evil, Shriek of the Mutilated, Killer Condom, Orgy of the Dead, Night Train to Terror, Winterbeast...and so much more]

Troma-Now is the most expansive repository of independent films and at $4.99/month, it provides the greatest value among all subscription streaming services. 

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