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Visual Vengeance Launches Monthly Theatrical “Shot on Video” Film Series to Begin September 2022

Visual Vengeance, the boutique sister label of genre distributor Wild Eye Releasing, is proud to announce a new partnership with Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg, to present an ongoing monthly theatrical series dedicated to vintage microbudget genre independents from the 1980s through the 2000s. Full info on the series is available here.

The new monthly series will include movies from enduring fan-favorite underground directors like Todd Sheets (MOONCHILD), Bret McCormick (REPLIGATOR), and Kevin Lindenmuth (VAMPIRES AND OTHER STEREOTYPES), as well as many others. A good selection of the featured movies have been feared “lost” and remained out of print for decades. For many of the films, this will be their very first public screening.

Select events will include an introduction and/or Q&A sessions with the original creators. The screening events will be hosted by Matt Desiderio of Horror Boobs – the infamous VHS supercut creator – and will also feature free giveaways of Blu-rays, DVDs, and collectibles. After each screening the night continues with an after party in the Nitehawk’s VHS-themed Lo-Res lounge where Desiderio will DJ an all-vinyl set. Mingle with like-minded fans of psychotronic films, peruse the Visual Vengeance merch table and meet the minds behind these insane slices of cinema.

The inaugural month will kick off Thursday, September 1st with the infamous 1995 Japanese Super-8 gorefest BLOODY MUSCLE BODY BUILDER IN HELL by Shinichi Fukazawa. Alternately known as "the Japanese EVIL DEAD," BLOODY MUSCLE BODY BUILDER IN HELL is a legendary independent Japanese cult film, enjoying a rare North American screening at Nitehawk. The ultraviolent rarity centers on a bodybuilder that must survive a blood-soaked night of insanity to save himself and his friends from a demonic ghost that is hell-bent on revenge.

The series continues on September 29th with the Hawaiian-lensed curiosity SLAUGHTER DAY (1991), one of the rarest VHS releases of the century and a horror action obscurity, which is arguably the most ambitious microbudget horror action movie ever made. A pair of friends must fight an ancient evil force brought to life by an occult book that possesses a group of construction workers. Shot and edited on consumer grade equipment by twin brothers Brent and Blake Cousins, lovingly referred to as the “Cousins Brothers,” SLAUGHTER DAY is Evil Deadinspired insanity from start to finish, packed with kinetic lo-fi action scenes, gonzo camerawork and a truckload of homemade gore.

Tickets and more information can be found at:

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