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Welcome to 'Omina' in the latest clip for "Latency"

The sci-fi film "Latency" is coming soon, and today Lionsgate released an exclusive clip. In the film, the program Omnia assigns a task to its user, Anna, played by Sasha Luss. What appears to be a simple typing drill hints at Omnia's true capabilities. Enjoy the clip, and look for "Latency" in theaters on June 14th.

When Hana (Sasha Luss), a professional gamer who suffers from acute agoraphobia, is asked to trial sophisticated new gaming equipment which uses AI to interpret the electrical activity of her brain, she sees an opportunity to enhance her game. As Hana and her best friend Jen (Alexis Ren) experiment with this new technology, the line between reality and Hana’s subconscious quickly begins to blur and she starts to wonder if the device is helping her or serving a more sinister force. 

Directed and Written by: James Croke

Starring: Sasha Luss, Alexis Ren 

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