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"When we pretend that we're dead" 'Fall' - movie review

The famous song created by L7 rings through the ears after viewing the latest thriller FALL. The movie comes from filmmaker Scott Mann and follows two pretentious young ladies on the ultimate climb. One of the women must overcome a new fear to help her friend complete this task while at the same time dealing with so much of her own issues. The two experience climbers test the limits with their latest endeavor which could lead to them paying the ultimate price. FALL is a layered thriller that provides more substance than the initial premise announced. This catastrophic and unnerving film will raise your pulse!

In FALL we have Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner). Two friends that have been through so much. After a devastating tragedy Hunter enlists the help of Becky to climb and old TV tower. Still shaken from the previous year Becky reluctantly goes and their friendship with be put to the ultimate test. FALL kicks the film off with moments of intensity and never lets you go. While many people may not be as familiar with the climbing culture Mann and crew do a great job of embracing their "are you really living" lifestyles. There is also a great nod to the current influencer, social media star era we are in which is more than welcomed. One would assume the worst with a film of unlikely abandonment but that was not the case with FALL. Our two leads and a well written story do a fanatic job of keeping the viewer engaged. Not only the thrills of the danger before them but the levels of the relationship between the two. FALL has a story withtin a story that can only be told over 2,000 feet in the air.

Don't be surprised to hear praise for FALL once it hits homes. It has a cult following vibe from conception. Movies like CLIFFHANGER and 127 HOURS shows like YELLOWJACKETS will forever be appealing. The entertaining part of survival is the viewer watching to see if our leads , well survive. FALL will draw you in from the start and mess with you enough to question that in each minute of the film.

3.5 / 5

FALL is Directed by: Scott Mann Written by: Scott Mann, Jonathan Frank

Starring: Grace Caroline Currey, Virginia Gardner, Mason Gooding, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

FALL Dropping Only In Theaters August 12th

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