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"Always remember" 'Glasshouse' - movie review

One of the more beautifully haunting features you will see this year is Kelsey Eagan GLASSHOUSE. This atmospheric thriller not only shines with a seductive story line but an intense look at the human existence. Tales of lives being affected by pandemics and outbreaks are nothing new to fantasy and horror. Though GLASSHOUSE enchants the viewer to witness the ways of survival for one family that thrives on inclusion. Not since CLOVERFIELD LANE has a film showed the dread of what's to fear from the outside world.

GLASSHOUSE follows the story of a mother her three daughters and one son. The have created a world from themselves in a beautiful glasshouse. Protecting themselves from the horrors of the outside world is key. Through ritual and many sacrifices their bond is only broken by stranger that has placed himself in the mix. GLASSHOUSE is filled with eye candy from start to finish. Just the house by it's self is a spectacle and while dark and mysterious each role has their own depth to the development of the film. For a film with few characters GLASSHOUSE moves surprisingly well. When you fall under the trance of the behaviors of the clan you are instantly taken back to the dark reality they exist in. While watching the film BLUE LAGOON comes to mind. Desolate and uninhabited themes reside all over GLASSHOUSE that truly will rub some audiences the wrong way. Eagan does a great job of reminding you of the strange path of the entire lot so you aren't to drawn to the incestuous nature of the film. Still there will be some who won't look past it. Which is a shame because like most survival thrillers and drama the question of "repopulation" is always on the table.

GLASSHOUSE will shatter expectations. The film finds and equal balance between soft and scandalous. Deceit plays a huge factor and that alone will keep viewers intrigued. GLASSHOUSE will be a film many won't forget anytime soon.

3.5 / 5

GLASSHOUSE is directed by Kelsey Egan, and starring Jessica Alexander, Kitty Harris, Helton Pelser, Adrienne Pearce and Anja Taljaard, GLASSHOUSE premieres on digital platforms July 12 in North America.

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